Friday, April 11, 2008

The Wild Man of Yellowham Hill

In their excellent book, Dark Dorset: Tales of Mystery, Wonder and Terror, authors Robert J. Newland and Mark J. North (pictured left) say: "Woodwoses were once thought to inhabit the woods of Yellowham Hill near Dorchester. They had the habit of abducting young girls from the nearby villages, many of whom fell pregnant. one such incident befell a young girl, and when questioned by magistrates, she replied: 'Please your worshipfuls, 'twere the Wild Man of Yal'ham.' Woodwose (otherwise Wodewose, Wodewese, Woodwyse and Wudawasa) means Wild Man. These were savage, hairy, humanoid creatures similar to the American Bigfoot that were said to inhabit the woods of pre-Christian Europe."