Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Crowlas Whistler

Well, having (just about!) survived the desert heat at the Retro UFO gig in California, I'm back to blogging on the British Bigfoot.

The details of the following story are very brief (and were provided to me in 2001); but if anyone can fill in the blanks, or add more details, let me know. According to the source, the legend dated from the late 1700s and was cited within the pages of an old document found in the belongings of a noted family of landowners in Cornwall.

So, the story went, it was 1789 and, on at least three occasions late at night, an immense monkey-like creature was seen prowling around in the vicinity of Crowlas, Cornwall. The beast was described as being around eight feet in height and would make a strange whistling noise that was interpreted as a call.

Most notable of all: when the creature was last seen, it literally vanished in an almighty flash of light during a thunderstorm - something which, in some ways at least, closely echoes the story of the so-called Beast of Bungay...


JWilmott said...

Very Interesting. Have you come across any other sitings in the
Cornwall area as I am visiting that area in the near future.

Also in the West Country, when I was at School one of my friends used to tell a story about the 'Monster' of Westward Ho! in North Devon, not far from the Exmoor National Park. The story goes,(told by his father) that a really tall hairy man with red eyes was often seen at night in the area. I do not know the dates surrounding this mystery but thought it was worth mentioning particular in regard to the Discription of the 'Monster'.

Nick Redfern said...

I haven't come across any other reports in Cornwall, but I have found quite a few from Devon.

Most of those are more like wild-men (or even caveman-like in many ways), rather than classic Bigfoot reports.

And about half a dozen werewolf style reports from Devon, but none from Cornwall.

North Devon has a lot of these stories. There was a man-like werewolf story in circulation in Abbotsham, North Devon in the early 70s.

I haven't heard of the specific Westward Ho! one though, so thanks for sharing.