Thursday, April 10, 2008

A 1997 Encounter at Ranton

In the winter of 1997, Peggy Baker had been driving through the village of Ranton, Staffordshire (very close to Bridge 39 on the Shropshire Union Canal: the rumored home of the infamous Man-Monkey) with her daughter, Kathleen, when at around 11.30 p.m., the pair was shocked and scared witless by the surreal sight of a shambling, hairy man-beast that loomed out of the darkened fringes of the roadside, "threw its arms around in the air," and proceeded to "shout at us, like a big roar." Not surprisingly, the terrified mother and daughter did not once slow down to get a closer look at the creature; but instead fled the scene with the utmost haste.

Right now, that's all I have on the story; however, I hope to be able to provide a more detailed update in the near future.

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