Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Castle Ring Creature

Located near the village of Cannock Wood in the county of Staffordshire, and constructed between 500 B.C. and A.D. 40, Castle Ring is an Iron Age structure commonly known as a Hill Fort. The highest point on the heavily-wooded Cannock Chase, it is 801 feet above sea level, and its main ditch and bank enclosure is fourteen feet high and, at its widest point, 853 feet across. Little is known about the mysterious and long-forgotten people who built Castle Ring, except to say they were already in residence at the time of the Roman invasion and remained there until approximately A.D. 50.

On May 1 2004, Alec Williams was driving passed the parking area that sits at the base of Castle Ring when he witnessed a hair-covered, man-like entity lumber across the road and into the trees. Williams stated that the sighting lasted barely a few seconds but that he was able to make out its form: It was about seven feet tall, with short, shiny, dark brown hair, a large head and had eyes that glowed bright red.

Interestingly, Williams stated that as he slowed his vehicle he witnessed something akin to a camera flash coming from the depths of the woods, and heard a cry that he described as "someone going 'Hooo.'"

Williams' account is just one of several involving sightings of Man-Beasts at Castle Ring, and in a future post I'll detail some of the additional stories.

Also in the near future, I'll be posting a piece that addresses the possible reasons why so many such encounters in Britain have occurred in the vicinity of ancient, historic sites like Castle Ring.

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