Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Slittingmill Monster

Back in 1995, Jackie Houghton was a waitress then living in a bed-sit in the Staffordshre town of Cannock, and working at a restaurant in the nearby town of Stafford. On February 18 of that year, and at around 1.00 a.m., she had been driving across the sprawling Cannock Chase woods, and along the main road that links the towns of Rugeley and Cannock, after her shift at the restaurant was finally over.

As she approached the turning for the village of Slittingmill, however, Jackie was suddenly forced to quickly and violently swerve the car and only narrowly avoided collision with a large, shambling creature that had chosen to step out into the road at a distance of about two hundred yards from her.

Considering that she was travelling at a high speed, said Jackie, it was nothing less than a marvel that she didn’t hit the hairy thing. The encounter had lasted just a few scant seconds, but she had caught sight of the animal in the headlights of her vehicle, and was absolutely one-hundred-per-cent certain that it was both man-like and tall, very hairy, and weirdest of all: possessed a pair of self-illuminating, glowing red eyes.

In an instant, said Jackie, the huge beast had vanished into the darkness, leaving her distinctly shaken and highly stirred. One of Britain's mysterious man-beasts had struck again.

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