Friday, April 18, 2008

The Somerset Bigfoot

Once again, from that fountain of knowledge on the British Bigfoot, Jon Downes, come several stories of encounters with hairy man-beasts - this time in the picturesque county of Somerset.

As he says: "Somerset, has been the scene of several sightings. One occurred in a quarry and another on the barrows where what was described as a large, crouching manlike form, covered in dark, matted hair and with pale, flat eyes, was seen."

Jon continues:

"And the area around Smitham Hill in Somerset has also been the site of a number of such encounters. For example, many years ago the area around what is now an abandoned mine was linked to tales of strange beasts seen watching the miners. Sometimes, on returning to work in the morning, the men would find that carts and equipment had been pushed over and thrown around during the night.

"But these things, whatever they were, are still seen in that area today - or at least as late as November 1993. This is an exact quote from a witness whose case is in my files: 'I was on a walk through the woods, when I heard a twig snap. I thought nothing of it and continued on. Suddenly the dogs became very agitated and ran off home. At this point I became aware of a foul smell like a wet dog, and a soft breathing sound. I started to run, but after only a few feet, I tripped and fell. I decided to turn and meet my pursuer only to see a large, about seven feet tall, dark brown, hairy, apelike man. It just stood, about ten feet away, staring at me. It had intelligent-looking eyes and occasionally tilted its head as if to find out what I was. After about twenty seconds it moved off into the forest.'"


Elaine said...

I have been in contact with the Sasquatch/bigfoot in the USA.
See and go to the 'wise ones' pages. I live in the UK and want to connect with them there. They are multi-dimentional beings and have been here longer than we have. They have much to offer us if we will allow them to give it.
Can you contact me please?
Many Thanks
Elaine Thompson

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Elaine
I couldn't open your website address as written; however, feel free to contact me here.