Friday, May 30, 2008

The British Bigfoot at YouTube Debate Reaches the Media

The controversy surrounding the YouTube footage said to show a Bigfoot-style beast in Britain's Peak District has now reached the eyes and ears of the nation's media - albeit very briefly! Here's the link.


cookey said...

At first glance this footage looks like some lads messing about in the woods with one of them pretending to be bigfoot. The end of the footage had me wondering though. You can clearly see the eye shine in the camera light. I'm sure humans don't have this. Do apes have this eye shine? Something to think about.

Nick Redfern said...

That's a good point: no they don't have that specific eye shine. Intetrestingly, many Bigfoot reports describe the eyes of the creatures not just relfecting light, but it's more like they are self-illuminating and glowing from the inside out.
Normal animals don't do that, but there's quite a few British Bigfoot ones like that.