Monday, September 13, 2010

British Wild Men in Paranormal

On Saturday, I picked up the latest - September - issue of Britain's Paranormal magazine. For those fascinated by tales of the British Bigfoot and Wild-Men, the magazine contains two articles that are absolutely essential reading.

The first is an excellent 4-page feature from Sean McNeaney that focuses on the legend of a ferocious Wild-Man said to have lived in woods near Stainfield, Lincolnshire. Was it all just a mere myth? Did the creature really exist? Or was something else afoot? The answers can be found in what is a truly fascinating article!

The second article that you'll find of interest is that of Dr. Karl Shuker, who addresses the idea that some of the Wild-Man legends may be due to sightings of relic, surviving populations of Neanderthals. This too is a first-class article that will appeal to anyone and everyone intrigued by tales of the British Man-Beast!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bigfoot in Print

You can find a new review from me - at my regular, weekly Lair of the Beasts column at - on the subject of a new book from David Hatcher Childress: Yetis, Sasquatch and Hairy Giants.

For those of you who are specifically interested in the British Bigfoot phenomenon, the book includes a small section on ancient reports of such creatures. This is a book that I definitely recommend, and one which is packed with accounts and photos of a Bigfoot nature!

Old Ned's Devil

Kark Shuker tells the strange story of Old Ned's Devil - a curious saga in which I play a tangential role, and which in many ways eerily parallels the equally curious saga of the infamous Man-Monkey of the Shropshire Union Canal.