Thursday, August 28, 2008

British Bigfoot & The Paranormal

The third and final part of the interview that the Blogsquatcher recently did with me on the issue of Bigfoot and the paranormal has just been posted online and can be found here.

We cover a lot of ground relative to the British Bigfoot, too.

And as I say in the interview with respect to the controversy surrounding the question of whether or not Bigfoot has paranormal origins:

"I never judge people on their beliefs, because I don't -- none of us has the answers. But I would say that, regardless of whether or not bigfoot researchers agree with me or not, I think the one thing they most would agree with me about, is that at some point, pretty much every bigfoot researcher has come across at least one case of the type that I'm talking about. I would defy you to find a bigfoot researcher who has never found a case that has even the smallest aspect of weirdness to it. I think in everybody's files you're going to find one like that. Either it was seen near a Native American burial ground, or it had glowing eyes, or something weird happened."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Jones Reviews "Woods"

Author Marie Jones has written an excellent review of my new British Bigfoot-driven book, There's Something in the Woods, which can be found in PDF format at the following link (it's the second link down on the page):

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Me and the British Bigfoot

A few days ago, I was interviewed by The Blogsquatcher on the controversial issue of Bigfoot and the paranormal, a subject that features heavily in my new book There's Something in the Woods (Anomalist Books). We delved deeply into the issue of strange phenomena associated with Bigfoot; as well as the surprisingly large number of reports of the so-called "British Bigfoot." The Blogsquatcher has just posted the first-part of the interview on-line, and which can be found at this link.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Uncanny Radio

Tonight, I'll be on Uncanny Radio with hosts Linda Godfrey & Steve Sullivan. The show will air at 8 pm Central, streaming live from or on webcast at and (where people can leave blog comments). I'll be discussing my new British Bigfoot-themed book, There's Something in the Woods.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The British Bigfoot at Blogsquatcher

Yesterday, I was interviewed extensively by the Blogsquatcher on the subject of Bigfoot and the paranormal. Much of the discussion was focused upon the British Bigfoot. He has already posted a pre-publication piece on the interview - which can be found here - and you can expect to see the whole interview (possibly spread over several days) posted at his blog soon.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monsters Reviewed

Linda Godfrey (author of The Beast of Bray Road and Hunting the American Werewolf) reviews my new book, There's Something in the Woods, which contains much on the British man-beast

Uncanny Radio

This coming Wednesday night, I'll be recording an episode of Uncanny Radio with hosts Linda Godfrey & Steve Sullivan. The show will air and be available the following Wednesday, August 20, at 8 pm Central, streaming live from or on webcast at and (where people can leave blog comments). I'll be discussing my new book, There's Something in the Woods, which includes a wealth of data on the British Bigfoot.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Hairy Hands: A British Bigfoot?

The new issue of Taps Paramagazine includes an article from me on a British mystery of truly weird and disturbing proportions: that of the so-called "Hairy Hands."

As I say in the article:

"From the windswept moorlands of Devonshire, England (where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s epic Sherlock Holmes novel, The Hound of the Baskervilles was set) comes a truly chilling story of a strange and deadly phenomenon that gripped the area in the early years of the 20th Century and that became known to one and all as the Hairy-Hands. And as will later become acutely apparent, it may be a phenomenon that has made a recent return to the area.

"It was around 1910 that the weird saga began – on what is today known as the B3212 road, and which can be found in the vicinity of the Dartmoor locales of Postbridge and Two Bridges. Somewhat disturbingly, a hairy, monstrous and unknown force would time and again violently lash out at unwary passing drivers, and which, in one case, reportedly even resulted in a tragic death for an unfortunate road-user.

"In most of the cases, the victims of the diabolical phenomenon reported large, hairy, 'disembodied hands' manifesting out of thin air, firmly grabbing the steering wheel of their vehicles – or the handle-bars of their bikes – and unsurprisingly striking complete terror into their hearts; something which invariably resulted in them being violently forced off the country road."

Whether the Hairy Hands are somehow linked to spectral British Bigfoot or werewolf-like entities, or if they are a completely different phenomenon, is a matter of ongoing debate. As I note in the article, however, encounters with the Hairy Hands are still on-going - even as late as January of this year.

The diabolical mystery is still among us...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reviewing the British Bigfoot

Kithra has just written a review of my new book, There's Something in the Woods (which contains a wealth of new material on the British Bigfoot), and which can be found both here and here.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bigfoot: Going Underground

Over at The Londonist, Neil Arnold highlights an intriguing story I delved into a few years ago on tales of Bigfoot-type creatures roaming the depths of the London Underground...

The British Bigfoot on Coast to Coast

For those who may be interested, I'll be on Coast to Coast on Sunday night through the early hours of Monday morning talking about my new book, There's Something in the Woods.

The times are 11PM to 2AM West Coast Time; 1AM to 4AM Central Time; and 2AM to 5AM East Coast Time. The information on the show at the Coast to Coast website can be found here and here.

Expect much discussion about Bigfoot (both in the UK and the United States); the werewolves of Britain and Texas; lake-monsters; giant winged-things such as Mothman and the Thunderbirds; strange creatures seen in the vicinity of crop circles; ghostly black dogs; big-cats on the loose; and much more.