Tuesday, December 30, 2008

British Bigfoot: Film 2

And here's part-2 of my "British Bigfoot" lecture at the October 2008 Boston-based Mass Monster Mash gig:

British Bigfoot: Film 1

Back in October, I gave a lecture at the annual Boston-based Mass Monster Mash gig on the controversy surrounding reports of Bigfoot in Britain, with an emphasis on one particularly notorious British Bigfoot known as the Man-Monkey (which is also the subject of one of my books titled - unsurprisingly! - Man-Monkey!). Well, the conference was videoed, and has now been posted to You Tube. Here's the first part:

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Werewolf UK

Well, I mentioned here some time ago that although this blog is chiefly related to revealing all the latest data on the British Bigfoot, from time to time I would delve into the strange world of other British man-beasts, including werewolves.

And, I'm pleased to say, there's something to report on this matter: the new issue of Britain's Paranormal magazine includes an article from me on the history of werewolves and lycanthropy. It describes several sightings of werewolf-style beasts in Britain: one seen in Scotland in 1952; another encountered in Scotland in 1967; and an English account from the late 1940s.

Whether physical, paranormal, or something else, the British werewolf is most definitely here to stay. And, for more information on the issue of Paranormal in question, click right here.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Strange Frequencies

I recorded an episode of Strange Frequencies Radio on Sunday night, and which has just been posted online right here.

We discussed a whole variety of cryptozoological issues, including (A) how I got interested in crypto; (B) the issue of "flesh-and-blood vs. the paranormal" when it comes to Bigfoot in general, and the British Bigfoot in particular; (C) my expeditions to Puerto Rico in search of the Chupacabras; (D) the essential requirements needed on a creature-hunt; and much more. And before I forget, there's a competition, too. Listen in, and if you can correctly name my favorite Ramones song, you can win a prize! Only large amounts of money and beer will entice me into revealing the answer...maybe...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cabinet of Wonders

Over at Cabinet of Wonders, the Emperor comments on my interview with Neil Arnold on the British Bigfoot, zoo-forms, and much more. Cabinet of Wonders is always full of insightful material, and most definitely essential reading.

Bigfoot Opinions

Over at Mania.com (where I have a regular weekly column titled Lair of the Beasts), friend, author and researcher Neil Arnold gives his opinions on the British Bigfoot.

As Neil says:

"I have ten or eleven amazing reports from here in [the British county of] Kent alone, which I couldn't believe. One was from a woman I used to work with who had seen one in the woods about one hundred yards from my house - which was very, very strange - and the woman hadn't told anybody about it for thirty years. In these British Bigfoot reports, the witnesses are all seeing things with red, glowing eyes, and these reports are hard to categorize. Although people are seeing big hulking things that are covered in hair, I don’t actually think they are the same things that people are seeing in America; because I personally think that the American Bigfoot is actually flesh-and-blood. But the things in the UK, I don’t think are flesh and blood: these are more like classic Zoo-forms."

Here's the link to the complete article.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Hill of Horrors

The new issue of Britain's Paranormal magazine includes a very interesting article from Neil Arnold (author of the excellent book, Monster!) which delves deep into the mysteries of an old village near Maidstone, Kent, England called Blue Bell Hill.

As Neil reveals in the article (titled Hill of Horrors), the area has been the site of several Bigfoot-type encounters, including one from 1974 that involved a "hairy, hulking creature around seven-feet tall;" a 1991 event that was focused upon a glowing-eyed man-beast seen in the woods of the village; and the 1997 sighting of a "creature resembling a gorilla."

To find out more about Paranormal magazine, click here.

Monday, December 1, 2008

An Invisible British Bigfoot?

One of the most perplexing aspects of the British Bigfoot is its apparent ability to (quite literally) appear and disappear at will into nothing less than complete thin air.

The affairs of the Man-Monkey of Ranton; the Bolam Beast; and the hairy man-beast of Dundonald Castle are all evidence that whatever the British Bigfoot is or isn't, it possesses skills, talents and extraordinary attributes that far outweigh those of the human species.

So why am I mentioning this right now?

Here's why: a new article over at Cryptomundo on Bigfoot and invisibility.

Over the years, I have been on the receiving end of many comments from numerous researchers who outright dismiss and ridicule stories suggesting that Bigfoot is anything more than merely an undiscovered, unclassified or presumed extinct creature of purely flesh-and-blood and down-to-earth origins (such as Gigantopithecus).

But what if it's not?

What if invisibility really does play a role in the Bigfoot controversy in general, and in the British Bigfoot puzzle in particular?

Before we outright dismiss accounts of the "Vanishing Bigfoot," we would do well to remember that none of us have any real understanding of - or know the true nature, origin or abilities of - the beast; and until we do, we should keep all the options available to us firmly OPEN.