Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scottish Man-Beasts

From the files of Mark Fraser, one of the leading researchers of mysterious animals in the British Isles, come several fascinating stories of encounters with hairy beasts in Scotland. And what are we to make of the spectral ape of Dundonald Castle, Scotland? Situated atop a large hill that overlooks northern Kilmarnock, Dundonald Castle's origins can be traced back to the twelfth century, when one Walter, the High Steward of King David I, constructed a wooden fort high on the hill.

Then, a century later, a far more formidable and sturdy structure was built, and Dundonald Castle steadily began to take shape. However, during the Wars of Independence with England in the fourteenth century, much of the castle was decimated and raised to the ground. It was, however, rebuilt according to the wishes of King Robert II and still remains standing centuries later. But that is not all…

According to Mark Fraser, a remarkable and terrifying encounter with a spectral ape took place near the castle in 1994: "Josephine Aldridge…says she will never go up the hill again as long as she lives…While walking on the hill her two Labradors suddenly went berserk, running around in circles…Then Josephine saw 'this huge creature' that appeared some distance to the side of her...It did not seem to be solid, as Josephine could see the grass of the hill through its body, but it was covered in 'longish, charcoal-coloured hair.'"

Mark adds that: "…it was nor dissimilar to a gorilla in shape, although it stood well over ten feet tall on two legs. When confronted by the strange sight Josephine began to pray; the creature after a few moments slowly faded out of sight…"

Mark was also told of a 1994 encounter at Torphins, near the Scottish city of Aberdeen. Mark says: "…Pete and George…were driving along the road into Torphins, approximately two miles from their first meeting. In the witnesses’ own words: 'Suddenly from the side of the road there came this great muscular, hairy figure bounding out, which started to run behind the car. At one point it caught up and ran alongside the vehicle...'"

Mark reveals further that: “Pete describes the creature as ‘strong and muscular…red, glowing eyes…body covered in hair…about six feet five inches…jet black.'"


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