Sunday, December 28, 2008

Werewolf UK

Well, I mentioned here some time ago that although this blog is chiefly related to revealing all the latest data on the British Bigfoot, from time to time I would delve into the strange world of other British man-beasts, including werewolves.

And, I'm pleased to say, there's something to report on this matter: the new issue of Britain's Paranormal magazine includes an article from me on the history of werewolves and lycanthropy. It describes several sightings of werewolf-style beasts in Britain: one seen in Scotland in 1952; another encountered in Scotland in 1967; and an English account from the late 1940s.

Whether physical, paranormal, or something else, the British werewolf is most definitely here to stay. And, for more information on the issue of Paranormal in question, click right here.


Raven's Mysterious Haven said...

I just bought a copy of PARANORMAL at Barns N Nobles yesterday,and its not that issue.
I guess I'll have to wait a week or two to get the werewolf one.

You know us Americans..*eye roll*...we're always 3 steps behind. lol

Nick Redfern said...


LOL, yeah (and for any other US-based readers that may want to buy the issue in question), in my experience here in Dallas, the US edition of Paranormal usually hits the stands a few weeks after the UK edition, so probably best to check around a couple of weeks from now.

Jeffrey Teagle said...

Hi Mr. Redfern,

In regards to werewolves - I have always believed and still do that werewolves witnessed in Europe (both in the past and present) are bigfoot related in some way. The state of Wisconsin in the U.S. has a bigfoot coined "The Beast of Bray Road". I am certain that you have heard of it. Reports of the beast a often mention a homin stature but facially; the monster has a canine appearance.
Also, the very small ocean gap in between France and the U.K. - have any animals such as deer, etc. ever been reported in swimming from continent to island? I have a theory that bigfoot type ceatures in France may frequent the U.K. by this means. However, the gap may be too large.

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Jeffrey

Yes, you're right: there seems to be some definitive Bigfoot-werewolf link. There are several places in the UK where both creatures are seen in the same place, which seems beyond coincidence.

I have found several cases of Bigfoot swimming in water - in the US, but not in the UK yet. But it's definitely an interesting area for future research. Something else I'll have to look into! LOL. Have a good new year!

Jason Korbus said...

Nick, outstanding read. This was my first experience with PARANORMAL and I was pleasantly surprised. Though my preeminent interest is in ghosts and hauntings, I have always been fascinated with cryptid accounts. In fact, the interest has certainly been growing, much like my waistline, for the past few years.

I paid 10 american dollars to have the UK issue shipped to me here in the States. And upon looking at I couldnt seem to find that they carry a US version. But, I assume, from Raven's post, they must! The two B&N's in Toledo, OH don't seem to be cooperative, however. I'll have to see if I can fix this...

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Jason
Good to hear you liked the article. It may be worth contacting them at their website to see if you can get the mag cheaper via a subscription, and sent airmail.