Monday, December 1, 2008

An Invisible British Bigfoot?

One of the most perplexing aspects of the British Bigfoot is its apparent ability to (quite literally) appear and disappear at will into nothing less than complete thin air.

The affairs of the Man-Monkey of Ranton; the Bolam Beast; and the hairy man-beast of Dundonald Castle are all evidence that whatever the British Bigfoot is or isn't, it possesses skills, talents and extraordinary attributes that far outweigh those of the human species.

So why am I mentioning this right now?

Here's why: a new article over at Cryptomundo on Bigfoot and invisibility.

Over the years, I have been on the receiving end of many comments from numerous researchers who outright dismiss and ridicule stories suggesting that Bigfoot is anything more than merely an undiscovered, unclassified or presumed extinct creature of purely flesh-and-blood and down-to-earth origins (such as Gigantopithecus).

But what if it's not?

What if invisibility really does play a role in the Bigfoot controversy in general, and in the British Bigfoot puzzle in particular?

Before we outright dismiss accounts of the "Vanishing Bigfoot," we would do well to remember that none of us have any real understanding of - or know the true nature, origin or abilities of - the beast; and until we do, we should keep all the options available to us firmly OPEN.


Scopi said...

Are you open to the possibilty that the "beast" doesn't exist at all, and reports of it are combination of hoaxes, honest mistakes and imagination? Because that would explain the lack of evidence a lot more simply than presupposing invisible creatures, fairies, or other dimensions.

Nick Redfern said...


Yes, I am open to other possibilities. And it's an unfortunate fact that hoaxing does occur, and people can certainly make mistakes or let their imaginations run wild.

The biggest problem I have with the scenario that everything can be explained by these factors, however, is when people report seeing such creatures in very close proximity, and where it's practically impossible to misinterpret the evidence.

In those cases, the only alternative to seeing these things, is to label the witnesses as liars, hoaxers or fantasists.

But, as I know from experience, most witnesses aren't looking for publicity, they aren't looking for payment to tell their stories. Rather they just want answers, which is not neccessarily the way a hoaxer works.

So, while there's no doubt that many cases can be explained away, I still believe that there's a small percentage that can't be resolved as hoaxes, misidentifications of bears etc.

spiritman said...

Sure Bigfoot are invisible most of the time. No question about it. Consequently, they exist in much larger numbers than possibly can be conceived. Bigfoot knows that Man is afraid of something that they don't understand. Then they get guns and come back. Bigfoot knows that there existence will go a lot smoother, if they never let us see them in the first place. Bigfoot also understands the local language. Which is how they know what we are going to do next. Every trait that man has. Bigfoot has 100 times stronger. Bigfoot likes to communicate with us as well. Not by speach. But with simple branch breaks. So once the reader comes to grips with Bigfoot's invisibility, he can expand his list of trusted forest friends, exponentially.

Jeffrey Teagle said...

Hi Mr. Redfern,

I hope you are well? I can't count the number of times that myself and others with me have happenchanced upon foot prints that simply vanished into thin air. On one instance we started off with what appeared to be two sets of tracks together only to have them dwindle down to one track after a few hundred yards. It seemed as if the creatures just floated away.
Personally I think that the bigfoot do possess an ability to alter our perspective upon physically viewing them. A type of hypnotical affect if you will. I don't think that their abilities are so grandiose as often portrayed but; I think that one or more could be standing right in front of you and they'll trick your mind in to thinking nothing is actually there. Possibly in the same manner as a hypnotist would do. I have often wondered if at one time we ourselves had those same abilities before we became modern humans?

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Jeffrey

I've heard that theory before about Bigfoot somehow hypnotizing us, or entrancing us, so that our perception is altered. It's an interesting scenario, and could well explain some of the stranger reports where Bigfoot seems to just vanish. Maybe it's just the perception of the witness that has changed - via the creature changing it in some way.

The footprint angle you mention is one I have come across a lot too, and is a really odd one, as I'm sure have a lot of researchers at various times.

It's almost like the tracks are there for the benefit of the person who finds them - like they are staged or something like that, and then they're gone...