Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bigfoot Opinions

Over at Mania.com (where I have a regular weekly column titled Lair of the Beasts), friend, author and researcher Neil Arnold gives his opinions on the British Bigfoot.

As Neil says:

"I have ten or eleven amazing reports from here in [the British county of] Kent alone, which I couldn't believe. One was from a woman I used to work with who had seen one in the woods about one hundred yards from my house - which was very, very strange - and the woman hadn't told anybody about it for thirty years. In these British Bigfoot reports, the witnesses are all seeing things with red, glowing eyes, and these reports are hard to categorize. Although people are seeing big hulking things that are covered in hair, I don’t actually think they are the same things that people are seeing in America; because I personally think that the American Bigfoot is actually flesh-and-blood. But the things in the UK, I don’t think are flesh and blood: these are more like classic Zoo-forms."

Here's the link to the complete article.

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