Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Investigating the Owlman

I mentioned a month or so ago that from time time I would make mention here of other British man-beasts, beyond those of the classic "British Bigfoot" type.

Werewolves fall squarely into the category; and in addition to the posts I've already made on that topic, I'll be posting others here on the subject in the near future.

And there's another type of British man-beast, too: the "Winged Thing." And without doubt, the most famous is the so-called Owlman of Cornwall, whose exploits were so famously chronicled within the pages of The Owlman and Others, written by my good friend Jon Downes.

And for those that may not be acquainted with the facts, check out this link to an article written by Jon on the whole, weird saga.

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