Friday, July 11, 2008

The British Bigfoot at The Daily Grail

A new interview with me has been posted to The Daily Grail today. During the course of the interview, we discussed the British Bigfoot, and here's what I had to say:

"In Britain we get a lot of Bigfoot-type reports. In fact, there are dozens on file that span centuries. These reports, and the witnesses, are as credible as any that have come out of the United States.

"And I’ve spoken to many such witnesses in England, and I’m absolutely convinced of the honesty of these people when they say they saw this huge, hairy thing. But there is not a single chance in hell that a tribe or race of giant ape-men is hiding out in the woods and forests of the British Isles – that’s completely ludicrous!

"The size of the country, the nature of the land, and the human population size and range would ensure they would be caught in no time at all. And where is the evidence of the huge amounts of food that creatures of this size would have to ingest every day just to stay alive? Where are all the stripped trees? Where is the evidence? I’ll tell you: there is no evidence!

"Plus, in the UK, many such sightings have been made near old stone circles, archaeological sites, and more. So, yes, people are seeing something – but what, precisely, is a matter of debate. But a large, literal, flesh and blood ape-man: no."

You can check out the rest of the interview right here.


cookey said...

I was just mulling over the Brit big foot thing, like you do when theres nothing on tv, and came to similar conclusion as you. There is no way these things can be living in our forests. Even our local forest couldn't hide a group of these things without someone discovering them. On the other hand I think some people really do see something. So are they paranormal? Has anyone ever used a clairvoyant to check out the places these things are seen. It would only work if the clairvoyant didn't know what they were 'searching' for. Just a thought.

Nick Redfern said...

I don't think a clairvoyant has actually done this with the specific intent of searching for the British Bigfoot.
I do know that clairvoyants have checked out some places where paranormal stuff in general has occurred, but it would definitely be a good idea to have someone try and "hunt" for the British Bigfoot via psychic means. There's probably a hell of a better chance of finding them that way!