Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bigfoot & the Paranormal

Fortean researcher Regan Lee has an interesting new article on the classic British film of 1957, The Abominable Snowman.

And as Regan asks with respect to her post: was the film's creator aware of the paranormal aspects of Bigfoot?

Here's a few quotes from Regan's article to give you an idea of its content:

"What I found surprising in this were the references to the Yeti's telepathic and other 'paranormal' abilities, as well as the eye illumination. There's also the implication of Yeti living in caves and within the earth; for example, in the previously mentioned scene, the Yeti arrive from the rear of the cave. The film was made in 1957 which means that awareness of 'paranormal Bigfoot' was out there in the literature even back then. Hairy bipedal encounters, from the Yowie to Bigfoot to Yeti, include story after story of these beings having telepathic abilities, appearing not only on, but inside mountains, traveling via caverns, caves and underground tunnels, eyes that glow from within, playing with the mind, visiting humans in the astral realm and dream state, and other preternatural traits."

And here's the rest of what is a very interesting article

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cryptidsrus said...

more Proof that this is more a "Fortean" being than a totally flesh-and-blood one.