Monday, February 9, 2009

Freeman and the British Bigfoot

Over at his Room 101 site at Binnall of America, Richard Thomas interviews the Center for Fortean Zoology's Richard Freeman about his cryptozoological work. In part, they cover the controversy surrounding the British Bigfoot - and, I have to say, my conclusions are inline with Richard (Freeman). Here's their specific exchange on the British Bigfoot:

Richard Thomas: "Nick Redfern has written a book with the interesting title Man-Monkey: In Search of the British Bigfoot. What do you think the likelihood of such a creature in the UK really is and, perhaps more interestingly, what do think it could be? For instance, do you think we're dealing with some kind of missing link or something else entirely?"

Richard Freeman: "There is no way a species of giant ape could live undetected in the UK. You would need a population to carry the species on and there is just not enough room. The UK is not like Canada or Tibet, a real ape or hominid would have been discovered decades ago. I think what people are seeing are zooform creatures.

"Interestingly though, relic hominids may have lived on mainland Europe until relatively recently. The trolls of Scandinavia sound very like them and as recently as the 1980s a hominid was reported from western Russia only 15 miles from the borders of Finland."

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cryptidsrus said...

The question is:

Where could such a creature reside in the UK? I agree with Freeman. There's no way. I've never been to England but I know enough about it to know that enough encroachment by Homo Sapiens has been made to effectively nip in the bud any chance of a population existing.

This is either a Tulpa, a "Zooform Creature," (like Freeman states) or something related to the Faerie of the entire British and Irish lands. I tend to go with either option 1 or 3, Nick.

Nick Redfern said...

Yeah, the least likely (in fact, downright impossible) scenario is conventional flesh and blood.