Monday, September 13, 2010

British Wild Men in Paranormal

On Saturday, I picked up the latest - September - issue of Britain's Paranormal magazine. For those fascinated by tales of the British Bigfoot and Wild-Men, the magazine contains two articles that are absolutely essential reading.

The first is an excellent 4-page feature from Sean McNeaney that focuses on the legend of a ferocious Wild-Man said to have lived in woods near Stainfield, Lincolnshire. Was it all just a mere myth? Did the creature really exist? Or was something else afoot? The answers can be found in what is a truly fascinating article!

The second article that you'll find of interest is that of Dr. Karl Shuker, who addresses the idea that some of the Wild-Man legends may be due to sightings of relic, surviving populations of Neanderthals. This too is a first-class article that will appeal to anyone and everyone intrigued by tales of the British Man-Beast!


Anonymous said...

But I thought you and Jon had decided they were mostly descended from Sawney Bean???

Nick Redfern said...


I think like a lot of paranormal mysteries, there's unlikely to be just one answer.

It's very possible, I think, that we could be looking at Bean-types, relics humans, and unknown apes.

Neil A said...

I don't think the 'Sawney Bean' connections can explain some UK wildmen with glowing eyes! And there appears to be a number of reports of completely hair-covered humanoids in areas which are not exactly remote, which must surely suggest some kind of 'paranormal' being. Unknown apes is impossible in my opinion and relic humans even more so. The UK has never had an ape species and although some monkeys have escaped into the wilds they aren't bipedal and six to eight-feet tall.

Nick Redfern said...


Yeah, there's simply no way that these larger, glowing eyed, hair-covered creatures in the UK are flesh and blood. Maybe Tulpas/thought-forms? Anything but flesh and blood! LOL

Neil A said...

It would seem more bizarre to suggest a flesh and blood hairy humanoid in Britain than a supernatural one. I think the 'British Bigfoot' may slot alongside the likes of winged humanoids and hellhounds.

sam said...

The debate regarding the existence of british big cats is bad enough, but bigfoot in the uk? come on.