Monday, January 4, 2010

Irish Spectral Ape

Neil Arnold has an interesting new post over at the main Centre for Fortean Zoology blog, in which Neil states in part:

"There is nothing like a chilling ghost story at this time of year. And one of my favourite ghoulish tales comes via Rev. Archdeacon St. John D. Seymour, and concerns a bizarre entity once said to have haunted an Irish castle. Certainly, a handful of reports of phantom ape-men, and spectral monkeys litter world folklore, and in the UK a scant few exist. Such a tale is mentioned in True Ghost Stories by Marchioness Townshend and Maude Ffoulkes, who comment that 'the truth of this story was vouched for to Mr. Reginald Span by the Vicar of the Anglican Church, Arizona, as it happened to some friends of his when they once rented a picturesque castle in the South of Ireland.'"

And here's the link to the complete article. Check it out!


cryptidsrus said...

Excellent story. Maybe the spectre of a "Pet" once kept in the castle???. Aristocracy of all stripes and temepraments used to keep private menageries in Britain, Scotland and the Isles. The animals once kept in the Tower
Of London srping to mind. Also Mad Jack Mynton's Menagerie.
Could also be something conjured up by ceremonial magic. Who knows???

Ego Ronanus said...

I'm not sure it was a spectre at all. I have read the original account. It seems, despite its fierce-looking nature, to have been quite harmless. Could it not have been an orang utan - or even an orang pendek - kept by some previous tenant in the castle and now holed up in some cellar or outbuilding? Although it is said to have vanished, it might have just made a quick getaway.