Friday, September 25, 2009

A Cheshire Creature

The latest issue of Paranormal Magazine includes an interesting story concerning the sighting of what sounds very much like a classic British Bigfoot-style beast.

Originally having appeared in the August 2009 issue of Phenomena Magazine, the account reads as follows:

"Poachers in woods at Walkerwood Reservoir, Cheshire, heard noises brush in front of them, then their torches suddenly stopped working. Panic set in and the ran. They stopped several hundred yards away and could still hear the noises which seemed to be pursuing them. They opened fire, they heard no sound, and then the noises began again, as though something was moving towards them, then from the darkness came a huge dark figure. It was about seven feet tall and was completely black in color. They could see no features, and the thing seemed to be absorbing the darkness, as if camouflaged in some way. The poachers fled."

This is not the first time I have come across cases involving a British Bigfoot that has seemingly had an effect on powered equipment (in this case, torches). Jon Downes experienced something similar at Bolam Woods in 2002, when recording equipment began to suspiciously fail.

Plus, the reference to the sighting having occurred at a reservoir is intriguing, since this is not the first time that an association between Bigfoot and reservoirs has been noted. There's this one, too.

I'll update you if more data becomes available.

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cryptidsrus said...

Interesting story. The thing about "absorbing the darkness" reminds of some sightings in the UK of Peat Moss Marsh "Beings" being seen with no features. They were said to be Pitch-Black and to have snail-like antennae. They also were said to absorb the "energy" surroundign them. Very weird. Don't think we have THAT type of monster over here on our side of the Pond.
Good story, Nick.