Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A New British Bigfoot Report

Once again, Britain's Cannock Chase woods are a veritable hotbed of weirdness.

Yep, after a bit of a lull, here's a newly reported sighting (although the event is said to have occurred last year) of an alleged Bigfoot-like creature in the area.

I've said it before and I will say it again: if these reports aren't hoaxes (and I'm convinced most of them aren't), then the Cannock Chase Bigfoot has to have paranormal origins.

Indeed, having grown up only a couple of miles from the woods, I know the exact area that the witness is talking about very well.

And, there is no way that a 7-to-8-foot tall man-beast can exist on the Cannock Chase (yes, it's of an impressive size and very dense in places, but it's not that big and it's surrounded by towns and villages), avoid detection and also leave behind no evidence of its "den" (or wherever it lives) or its eating habits - which would have to be huge, given the sheer size of the creatures reportedly seen in the woods of the Chase.

Literal ape-men? No. Some sort of phantom of the night? Yes.


Neil A said...

Interesting stuff Nick, there's certainly some kind of history to these reports and it was nice to actually get a feel for the sincerity of the witness. the guy could easily have gone on about the shaggy fur etc, but simply said it was just tall and muscular. I think someone needs to really keep things stirred up out there because the more people believe the more things start to occur as you know.
The main problem is, if these UK man-beasts are spectral, which they must surely be, or at least of that ilk, then does it mean we should question the man-beast reports across the world ?

Nick Redfern said...

Although a lot of researchers avoid going dowm the paranormal path when it comes to Bigfoot, I think - given the very close similarities between UK reports and those from other countries - the possibility of a common link or origin (however controversial, like the paranormal angle, it may be) must be given serious thought.