Wednesday, June 4, 2008


For those of you wanting to learn more about British Bigfoot accounts, I definitely recommend you obtain a copy of Monster! by Neil Arnold. An excellent A-Z style book, it details the sightings of a number of encounters with strange creatures that can be said to fall into the British Bigfoot category.

For example, Neil writes about the "Bilington Beast": a hairy, man-like creature seen in fields and woodlands in the English county of Kent in 1961. Neil also discusses the "Big Gray Man of Ben Macdhui"; the "Brecon Beast"; the "Brenin Llwyd"; and the Dundonald Creature, which Neil describes thus:

"This intriguing monster was said to haunt Dundonald Hill, in Kilmarnock, Scotland, for many centuries and possibly to the present day. The dogs of the local castle were often unsettled by an unseen presence in the grounds; a shadowy figure known to haunt the trees and the shadows."

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